Example Phrases

    • Check the date

      "What's the date today?"
      "What day is it today?"

    • Check the time

      "What time is it now?"
      "What's the time?"

    • Check the weather forecast

      "What's the weather like in New York?"
      "Is it going to rain in New York tomorrow?"

    • Make a phone call

      "Make a call"
      "Call John"
      "Call John mobile"

    • Check missed calls

      "Missed calls"
      "Did I miss any calls?"
      "Did anybody call?"

    • Return a phone call

      "Call back"
      "Call back John"
      "Can you call back?"

    • Check text (SMS) messages

      "Check new message"
      "Did I get any new texts?"
      "Read new text messages"

    • Send text (SMS) messages

      "Create text message"
      "Send a text message"
      "Send a text message to John"

    • Check events in your calendar

      "Check schedule"
      "What's my next event?"
      "Do I have anything tomorrow?"

    • Schedule new events in your calendar

      "Create an event"
      "Add an event for tomorrow"
      "Create an event for tomorrow at 10 a.m."

    • Set the alarm

      "Wake me up at 6"
      "Wake me up"

    • Set the timer

      "Set the timer"
      "Set the timer for three minutes"

    • Check the battery level

      "Battery check"
      "Remaining battery life"
      "How much battery do I have left?"

    • Find your smartphone

      "Find phone"
      "Where's my phone?"
      "Ring my cell"

    • Check the news

      "Read the news"
      "Tell me the news"

    • Wikipedia search

      "Wikipedia search"
      "Search for Jupiter on Wikipedia"
      "Wikipedia search for sushi?"

    • Play music

      "Play music"
      "Play [Artist]"
      "Play [Album Title]"
      "Play the song [Song Title]"

    • App launch

      "Open an app"
      "Launch [Magic Word]"
      "Open [Magic Word]"

    • Route search

      "Route search"
      "How do I get to Central Park from Times Square?"
      "Show me how to get to the Empire State Building"

    • Show map

      "Open the map"
      "I'd like to see the map"
      "Show me a map of New York"

    • Check how to use Assistant

      "What can you do?"
      "Show me what I can do"